Majandra did a new photoshoot and she looks absolutely gorgeous.

A big thanks to Christine for letting me know!

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a little preview of the images i did for majandra delfino last week. to listen to her stunning voice visit and look out for the whole shoot on her site and mine, coming soon.
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  1. This is definitely my favorite photoshoot. I cannot wait to see more. She looks absolutely stunning, especially in the first photo.

  2. Ok…so we all know Majandra is beautiful but damn…this shoot has just re-enforced that by 110% hasn’t it. She is bloody gorgeous, totally knocks some of these ‘A Listers’ out of the water in my opinion. Wow…thanks soooooooo much for the pics, cannot wait to see the rest x

  3. The photos are nice, but I cannot say the same for photographer Cheyenne Ellis. I had arranged for her to take some photos of me prior to getting a preventative mastectomy. She canceled on me one day before, then asked me what price she quoted me. Later, she canceled altogether, which I think was because she wanted more money. Now I have an incurable cancer, have lost my hair, and am dying. My husband will never get the pictures I had wanted.


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