Premiere Of Lionsgate’s “Killers”

So I’m really excited about these because Majandra hasn’t been out and about in over a year and she is finally back on the red carpet looking freakin gorgeous. She attended the premiere Of Lionsgate’s “Killers” to support one of her close friends Katherine Heigl.
She was accompanied by Charlie Finn her co-star from Help Me, Help You and Pulling.
I really needed to catch my breath that’s how beautiful she looks. I love everything about her look. The dress, the shoes, the hair, just everything. Enjoy the pics. I really hope to find more.

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7 responses to “Premiere Of Lionsgate’s “Killers””

  1. Vanessa Santana Avatar
    Vanessa Santana

    She looks amazing!!!! Thank you for images. It is really nice to see her out and about 🙂
    Do you know about her role in Life as we know it?

  2. Marine Avatar

    She’s perfect. a true Goddess 🙂 Thanks for the pix!!!

  3. Amy Avatar

    She’s perfect. a true Goddess 🙂 Thanks for the pix!!!

  4. Val Avatar

    Thanks again Marica! Vanessa, her character name in Life As We Know It is Jenna and she’s a girl that the leading male character has an on agan and off again fling with.

  5. OldBill Avatar

    thanks for the pics she looks very good the eyes sparkle! Her eyes are happy best wisher for this year keep the good work and the information moving on mad It’is time for her to fly again

  6. RJ Avatar

    It’s great to see her out and about after taking a break from the spotlight. She looks stunning.

  7. Marica Avatar

    Glad you all enjoy the pics 🙂

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