Hi everyone!

I’m sorry for not updating much but RL sucks at the moment. Time is luxury for me right now. It feels like I spent all my time at work.

Anyways I finally added the ‘What Sad Day’ caps to the gallery. Majandra looks absolutely stunning in that video and I really hope that we will see some more music videos in the future. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:
[wp-svg-icons icon=”link” wrap=”b”] Music > ‘What Sad Day’


  1. Thanks for the caps, Majandra looks lovely but so sad in this video too. Hope she is happy 🙂 BTW…hope RL brightens up for you soon Marica, keep smiling hun x

  2. aw she is so beautiful <3 Love her.

    By the way, Marica, I was wondering…I read on IMDB that Majandra and Devon was divorced…but I know IMDB said sometimes very wrong things so I was aking to you, as you know all about Majandra….Is she divorced?

    I really don’t think so but I now I’m doubting a bit.

    ( But I love her and Devon together and I hope they don’t divorced!)


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