So here is the new look that I planned for the 6th anniversary. The reason I have it up two weeks later is that Majandra asked me to wait so she could provide me with new pics and she did. This is a brand new photoshoot Majandra did last week. She send me all pics and I will add them tomorrow. They are gorgeous as you can see in the layout. I really like this layout and I hope you do too. Let me know what you think 🙂


  1. I am so happy for you! The layout looks amazing, you’ve really done a fantastic job. And Mo, well she looks hot like always! *thumbs up*

  2. The new layout is really beautiful!!!! And like always, Majandra is amazing. Can we see the photos in the gallery ? Fabulous work!

  3. It is stunning!!! Looking forward to the new shoot! Why did Majandra do a new shoot…for that new movie coming out?

  4. I love the new lay as i did with the old one, but one made her look a little like brittany murphy a tad bit.

  5. Thanks so much!
    Marie – There is some new amazing stuff coming up for Majandra. I’m still waiting for details from her 🙂

  6. You have outdone yourself again. You are such an inspiring artist. And right now you are really in the artistic corner, coming up with these amazing layouts. They are art.

  7. Thank you Marica for your great job and thank you Mo for these beautiful pics … I just like them so much !!! you’re beautiful 🙂

    Love from France !


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