And hopefully this is the last one. I moved the site again. There was too much downtime on the other server and I hated that I had to have the video archive with a different host that required ads. So, I moved the site again. The video archive is back to being part of the main site and can be found under No ads or pop ups.
A huge thanks to Fan St. for hosting the site 🙂

The site also has a new look with the same shoot as the other one. I liked the other one but it felt so busy and I wanted something simple and clean and since I finally got this shoot in HQ I put it to good use.

Everything should work fine. I tested everything. If you do experience some errors or something looks funny please let me know.

Also, I didn’t forget about the big gallery update I promised. Still collecting some stuff but I’m glad that I didn’t do it already because I would have had to move even more pictures 😆

Anyways, enjoy the site!



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